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Get To Know Empire Rental Group

Larissa Ovitt

Power Host and Guest Experience Mastermind

Larissa has been in customer service and hospitality for more than 22 years. This dreamer has a huge passion for creating solutions for today's modern travelers and hosts.

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Gregg Singer

Visual Architect and Super Hero of Designing Unique Spaces

Gregg has been designing quality renovations for his single and multi unit flips. His keen sense of today's housing market keeps him providing relevant solutions to renters and buyers.

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Our core culture is all about creating lasting relationships as well as a lifestyle of FLEXIBILITY and FUN.

Combining our experience in short term rentals and real estate investing with our curiosity and sense of adventure, we designed a solution that will allow for us to travel the world, while always having a place to call home when we arrive.

We have turned that passion into something that we can now share with all of you and that you can share with your guests.


The Current State of Things

It's no secret that there has been explosive growth in cities across the United States this year.  People have begun traveling again and shaking off the cabin fever or even relocating altogether. As a result, small communities around the country are now undergoing large scale transformations and experiencing significant growth! 

Additionally, with the huge increase in the number of remote jobs and the influx of people seeking a more nomadic lifestyle,

travelers are now looking for something new.  Something that fits their new lifestyle and exceeds their elevated expectations of travel.

Our Solution

Provide travelers a carefree, fully furnished place to live in the hottest neighborhoods

for as short or as long of a stay as they need.

When they're ready for a change of scenery or just want to go visit a friend in a different city for a while, but still have their own space when they get there, they just pack up their things and set up their next trip.

Hosts can open their homes to more guests with confidence knowing that Empire Rental Group is a partner who values people and relationships over revenue and has their best interest in mind from day one.  

Our members can bounce from property to property within Empire and you can feel at home, wherever you are.

Our Commitment

EXPERIENCE IS EVERYTHING! We are super passionate about attracting new curious travelers to these neighborhoods that are consistently offering more unique experiences.  Including the best places to eat, play and explore!

We want to support local business owners within these communities by partnering with them to market and offer their incredible products and services to our community of travelers.  This also includes short term rental operators of all sizes that offer a unique stay experience and gives you an up-close and personal glimpse of local life. 

We commit to Fairness, Kindness above all else, to creating new opportunities for Collaboration and Positive Impact on our members and the communities that we serve.  We commit to always asking ourselves what is the Next Right Action of Integrity for our team to be a leader in our space without compromising the spirit of our organization.

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