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Schenectady, NY

The Best Kept Secret of the Capital Region

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Get To Know The Electric City

Schenectady is where old industrial meets modern city living.

This up and coming neighborhood is packed full of reasons to stay longer than expected.  From the entertainment like the new Rivers Casino and Proctor's Theatre, to the food and brews of Little Italy and Frog Alley, to the one-of-a-kind shops that line the walkable Jay Street, you won't be able to fit it all into just one weekend.


At the turn of the century, Schenectady was put on the map when Thomas Edison chose this location for what would become the General Electric Company, where George Westinghouse invented the rotary engine and air brakes, and more.  This city is rich in history that you can still see the remnants of today.

Now, with the state pouring millions of dollars into this new travel hot spot, downtown is now home to the new Rivers Casino, and development has begun on projects such as new parks and new dock space on the Mohawk River for people traveling in my boat.

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